Pyrat Rum is owned by Patrón Spirits, a company created in 1989 by John Paul DeJoria, and Martin Crowley. The company does not own a distillery, rather they act as a third-party company sourcing what they believe to be the best stocks for their products and blending them according to their own formulas. There is always a bit of secrecy surrounding these private blends, but perhaps I can shed a little light on the production of Pyrat Rum XO Reserve.

When the brand was created (about 1997), the rum was produced by the Anguilla Rums Company from those previously mention rums stocks which were sourced from various Caribbean distilleries. More recently however production has been moved to Guyana, South America. When I was in Guyana last April, I was given a tour of the Diamond Bottling Plant owned by Demerara Distillers Ltd. (DDL). During this tour, I was told that Pyrat Rum had just installed their own private bottling line within the Diamond plant. Pyrat XO Rum, I learned, is primarily a Demerara rum blended and bottled in Guyana from a blend of 2-year-old Demerara stocks and other stocks sourced from various Caribbean producers.

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